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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

After over a month

So I have been away a long, long time. What have I been up to? Well . . .

Working, working, and more working - besides sleeping of course. So I went back to my accounting job as a per diem employee - hopefully not forever, as I still want to be a teacher.

Speaking of teaching - I have yet to put in a sub day since being hired in mid-Feb. But I plan on getting back to that next week as accounting slows and my moderate case of morning sickness is subsiding.

So yes, the pregnancy is going well - just very tired, queasy with only a few actual times of getting sick, the headaches are coming and going, and I feel like I have a very mild case of depression once in a while. I have yet to really announce that I am expecting. For various reasons, among which include superstition. But I am sure most of you get it.

I am at work, on lunch break, so I will update more later - by this weekend if not sooner. And I will have to catch up on the blogosphere.

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